Sunday, December 17, 2006

Inaudible memories

"Though perhaps for those of us who have learned silence through shame, the hardest thing of all is to find a voice, not the voice of the monstruous singular ego, but one that, summoning the resources of the place we come from, can speak with eloquence of, and for, that place."
Annette Kuhn, Family Secrets: Acts of Memory and Imagination, Verso, London/New York 1995, p.103

Two memories
Seeing TV images & hearing the sound of tangled masses of video/audiotape caught on wire fences when the Taliban prohibited music in Afghanistan

Seeing hats crocheted out of audiotape as part of a window display at Tiffany in Bond Street. I was fascinated and made a 'tape' hat for my friend R. Did she ever wear it? Does the tape still carry the sound even if we can't hear it?

The Sound of Silence: Inaudible Memories


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