Saturday, June 02, 2007

Nylon Stockings and Art

"Nylon stockings conjure up associations from the past and tell hidden stories. We have for many years been playing with their subtle variations in colour and texture, and feel that we have as rich a palette as any painter.


Before our work with nylon stockings, for many years we made quite strict, clean pieces using folded plain cotton. Then we developed an interest in used materials, such as woollen army blankets, men's suits, socks, rainwear, bubble jackets, knitted clothes and nylon stockings."

Wagle & Lovaas, textile artists, Norway

in: Matthew Koumis (ed), Art Textiles of the World: Scandinavia, Telos Art Publishing, Bristol 2004, pp 99, 100


Blogger Arielle said...

I have always liked the fact that, in the past, some women would draw a line on their legs to create the illusion that they were wearing stockings.

11:09 am  

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