Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Caring for your BDU (battle dress uniform)

"Are your BDUs fading? Wearing thin at the elbows and knees? Have the pockets, collar and cuffs frayed? Has the stitching come so unraveled you're trailing nine yards of thread and stray cats think you're a play toy? Can you no longer tell where the camouflage ends and the coffee stains begin?

Don't blame your BDUs. Maybe the problem lies with the way you do your laundry. But some simple improvements in your washing routine can change you from raggedy to stylish.[...]

It's OK to machine dry your cap, shirt and trousers.[...]

If you prefer to drip-dry your uniform, make sure to put it on a rust-proof hanger.[...]

Never iron dirty clothing. That can set dirt and stains permanently into the fabric.

If you want your temperate or enhanced hot-weather BDUs to look crisp, starch them. AR 670-1 (3 Feb 05), Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia, Para 3-6.d, says it's OK. [...] Just remember, starch shortens the life of BDUs. Para 1-9.a.(5) says soldiers will not receive an increase in their clothing replacement allowance to make up for wear caused by starching.


Never starch aircrew BDUs or an NOMEX clothing. They're made to be fire- and heat-resistant and starching defeats that protection. Starch leaves a flammable residue that fills the spaces in the clothing's weave. It'll burn and so will you."

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