Monday, March 03, 2008


"Gone are the days when any of us have either the money or the space to possess six of everything in our undies drawer. But you should try to have three of everything, one set on your back, one in the wash and one clean and ready for any emergency that might crop up. What you need is three brassieres, three nightdresses (or three pairs of pyjamas), three pairs of camiknickers (or vest and knicker sets) and three slips. These, made up in the best materials you can afford, carefully washed and regularly mended, should last from two and a half to three years before they need replacing. Buy them now a little better than you usually do, and they will need fewer replacements and therefore less expenditure of coupons."

"There are many excellent undies patterns on the market for all shapes and styles of garments, but owing to the paper shortage, it will become increasingly difficult as the war goes on to obtain paper patterns of any description. It is therefore as well to know how to make your own paper patterns."

Joanna Chase, Sew and Save - Gives expert help with the problems of clothes care, renovations, war-time dressmaking and rationing. Includes knitting patterns , and a four-year plan for the family wardrobe
The Literary Press Ltd, Glasgow, ND, p. 20 & 21


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