Friday, April 25, 2008

String and rubber band

"String is my foible. my pockets are full of little hanks of it, picked up and twisted together, ready for uses that never come. I am seriously annoyed if any one cuts the string of a parcel instead of patiently and faithfully undoing it fold by fold. How people can bring themselves to use india-rubber rings, which are a sort of deification of string, as lightly as they do, I cannot imagine. To me an india-rubber ring is a precious treasure. I have one which is not new - one that I picked off the floor nearly six years ago. I have really tried to use it, but my heart failed me, and I could not commit the extravagance."

Mrs Gaskell, Cranford, London & Glasgow, Collins' Clear-Type Press, n.d., p. 85 & 86


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