Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Musgrave Collection

"A great-aunt of considerable age, nearing the end of her life, came to live with us [...] Mother looked after her in addition to her already heavy duties. Eventually, great-aunt Emma died [in 1924]. Her few clothes were disposed of. She died penniless. All that remained to mark her long years was her Victorian sewing box and some old newspapers. In later years I was to realise the significance of them. The newspapers were copies of 'the Times', some with dates before 1800, which now have a special 'readers' corner' in the Musgrave Collection. The sewing box was nothing to look at but when we opened the lid we found the inside completely covered with Penny Red stamps which she, as a little girl, had collected early in Victoria's reign when adhesive stamps had circulated for the first time! The newspapers and the sewing box are a constant source of interest to visitors as they read what the journalists wrote about historic events on the very day they had happened."

George H. Musgrave, The Musgrave Collection: A guide to the collection, p.5

The Musgrave Collection, 77 Seaside Road, Eastbourne BN21 3PL


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