Friday, August 07, 2009

Gold, blue & green

"On Sunday, March 19, the third anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq, the congregation and friends of Marble Collegiate Church hung these ribbons on the fence.

Gold ribbons represent our prayers for the family and friends of the thousands of service people who have lost their lives. We continue to add ribbons and names and to pray for the families and friends as more people die.

Blue ribbons represent our prayers for those in Iraq. For the families and friends of the tens of thousands of Iraquis who have lost their lives, and for all those who have been wounded. The toll of human pain and suffering is impossible to measure.

Green ribbons represent our prayers for peace.

We continue to pray daily. We pray for the day that war is no longer an option.

Will you too, pray with us?"

Sign outside Marble Collegiate Church, 29th West Street/5th Avenue, NYC
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Anonymous Sarah Bush said...

I'm always so taken with how emotionally powerful ribbons and flags are when they are in a mass display like that--I'm crazy about prayer flags and this also made me think about the flags in Kirosawa movies--mostly because I wish we had more of it in western culture, and now, here's a great example of it...

12:48 am  

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