Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Made in the USA

“The harsh reality is that a lot of US textile mills are still in business only because they have government contracts making uniforms for soldiers – all uniforms are supposed to be American made, which is why they are so expensive. There is a glove factory in North Carolina that makes trigger-finger gloves with antimicrobial liners for the soldiers in Iraq, so that their hands don’t fall off from sweating so much. That’s the kind of thing keeping domestic factories alive.”

Liz Collins, in Bryan-Wison, Julia, Collins, Liz, Gschwandtner, Sabrina, Mazza, Cat and Smith, Allison (2008), The politics of craft: a roundtable, in Adamson, Glenn (ed) (2010), The Craft Reader, Berg, Oxford, New York, p. 624


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