Saturday, February 03, 2007

Untouched Memories

Many textile tems such as handkerchiefs, tea towels & table linen are never unpacked. Often they are elaborately folded & arranged, pinned or tied with ribbon, presented in gift boxes, wrapped in cellophane with bows and labels. Why were they never used, why were they kept? Unwanted gifts, tokens of affection, souvenirs? Were they kept for an occasion that never came? Were they forgotten in a drawer or wardrobe? Unloved or loved too much, or just hoarded?

When I come across these, I don't unwrap them either; I prefer to leave them undisturbed, to look, not to touch.


Blogger Arielle said...

I do have a pile of these table linen kept together by a ribbon ... White, always white ...

1:03 pm  

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