Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Blue velvet

"Set in a small American town, "Blue Velvet" is a dark, sensuous mystery involving the intcrtwining lives of four very different individuals: Jeffrey, the naive college student with a penchant for mysteries; Dorothy, the haunting cabaret singer with a dark and deadly secret; Sandy, the detective's daughter who embodies the innocence in all of us; and Frank, the psychotic killer fueled by his own sexual fantasies. The film's painful realism reminds us that we are not immune to the disturbing events which transpire in "Blue Velvet's" sleepy community. There is a darker side of life waiting for us all."

Press release,

"... the director used velvet to symbolise America's soft seductive surface with its wicket perversity lurking underneath."

Lucy R. Richardson, See me, feel me, touch me. The Independent, 3.1.2002, p.8


Blogger Arielle said...

Of course, I cannot see blue velvet without thinking about David Lynch's film and hearing the little melody in my head ... ("Would knowing more about what draws Lynch to Jung, yoga and meditation help us to understand his films? Maybe").
But it also reminds me of the curtains I chose for my bedroom when I was 12 years old : heavy,lush dark blue velvet curtains which would cut me off from the light of the outside world. It left me with a love of all things velvety ...

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