Sunday, March 11, 2007

A favourite top

I bought a lovely stripy top 5 years ago in the Monsoon summer sale. It had a flattering V-neck and short cut sleeves just covering the shoulders. Pinks and reds - I loved the colours. I wore it throughout the year, in the winter with a cardign. At some point I spilled a bit of bleach on it, but it was still sort of wearable - though unfortunately stains are always in a place where they can't be easily disguised with a flower or brooch. A few days ago, tempted by early spring sunshine to dig out the top, I put it on and spilled glue on it. It doesn't come off. I feel sad - though on closer inspection the top has clearly seen better days anyway and does not fit like it used to. Still, I hesitate many times before finally cutting into it. Time to move on.


Blogger Arielle said...

A favourite coat

"Once I travelled, I bought clothes. First it was a pea coat from Normandy with anchors on the buttons which I still have somewhere, full of moth holes. At my house in Bath, there was an invasion of moths and they ate so much. I think they are eating holes throughout the West Country".

Manolo Blahnik
The Observer

10:18 am  

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