Sunday, June 08, 2008

Hairy things and entanglements

"The ‘bald’ objects of the recent past have become dishevelled, hairy, networky ‘things’. Everywhere, matters of fact are slowly graduating to the new status of matters of concern [...]

[...] if we are correct in saying that this general philosophy of objectivity is now changing, that we have never been modern, that a second modernization is underway that transforms all objects into things, all matters of fact into matters of concern, then what does it mean for modern styles? From the present vantage point, we can now see that they have always rejected, externalized and ignored all of the attachments that enabled the efficiency, efficacy, elegance and functionality of which they have always been so proud. In effect, the battle with decoration dissimulated another fight against entanglement."

Bruno Latour, Is there a non-modern Style, Domus January 2004


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