Tuesday, July 01, 2008


"l was born in Jan 1942 and one of my earliest memories is walking down the pavement of the road where l lived in Blackpool. lt is a hot sunny day and l think it must be mid afternoon. l seem to be by myself. l am walking along the road looking at the row of houses on my left. l can see their windows and gardens and l suddenly see that a lot of the houses have big red white and blue flags flying from their upstairs windows. l can see they are what l now know to be the Union Jack. l find this unusual and exciting and l then have a Fast Forward memeory. l am back home asking my mother why we can't have a flag too. l can;t remember what she says but l feel disappointment that our house isnt sharing in the [literal] air of excitement. l assume this was VE Day, when l was 3 years and 5 months."

BBC Radio $ Memory Experience 2006


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