Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The blue dress

"When I got home, I hung up the blue dress in the closet. It was the only dress hanging there. [...]

I slept very well that night. My dreams were calm and happy. My brothers and sisters were envious. What a wonderful day.

But, I learned that there are disappointments under the rug of happiness in every room of life. My opportunity to play a musical instrument was not something my parents could afford. The satin blue dress and pearl bracelet were returned to the store the following Monday - as soon as my mother realized my dad did not have money left over for the rent after his alcoholic binge, which filled the remainder of the weekend.
But, I still have the memory of the weekend and the private time with my dad, sober - hanging in the closet of my mind and it shimmers with beauty."

A Woman's Writes, 29.7.2008


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