Saturday, January 03, 2009

La realidad inteligente

“La realidad inteligente, si señor. Todos soltamos un hilo, como los gusanos de seda. Roemos y nos disputamos las hojas de morera pero ese hilo, si se entrecruza con otros, si se entrelaza, puede hacer un hermoso tapiz, una tela inolvidable."

Manuel Rivas, El Lapiz del Carpintero, translated from Portuguese, Punto de Lectura, Madrid/Spain 2001, p.14

["The intelligent reality, yes sir. We all release a thread, like silk worms. We gnaw and we argue over the mulberry leaves, but this thread, if it crosses others, if it interlaces, can make a beautiful tapestry, an unforgettable fabric." my translation]

My daughter is on a gap year in Spain. She went to Portugal and brought this potholder back for me and some beautiful tea towels.


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