Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Socks and ex-husbands 1

"When my ex-husband left me he took everything of value, and emptied our account, but he left all his clothes! I gave them all away with pleasure, except for one pair of socks, these I wear from time to time, they are very comfortable, and they have for some strange reason never worn out (over 30 years now!!)but go on and on.... They are very ordinary rather plain, grey men's socks, no attraction that I can see. I don't know why I still keep them or why they give me pleasure to wear, if I have to come up with any reasons, I would say that they are an aspect of my past, and memory, that I want to retain. Also, it seems strange but in a funny sort of way, I feel that I have also got power over him! I am saying, you rejected me and left me nothing, you may not know it, but inspite of yourself you have given me something - these socks!"

From my correspondence 2008


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