Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Guerra de la Paz

"Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz [...] plunged headfirst into the unknown, seeking to fathom the common lore that binds humanity in an Ariadne's thread across the globe. [...]

The Cuban artists, who have collaborated under the name Guerra de la Paz since 1996, share a studio in Little Haiti, where they have plumbed the neighborhood's streets and shops for the discarded materials that make up their art.

To create the eye-popping mermaids, unicorns, witches, warlocks, and angels in their show, they play the role of backyard archaeologists, dumpster-diving and rifling through piles of clothing at local shops that work in the rag trade shipping used garments in bulk to Haiti.

'These businesses toss out furs, sequined items, and stuff like prom gowns in the dumpster,' de la Paz explains.

Adds Guerra: 'What we collect from these places, thrift shops, and friends and family is the driving force behind our work.'"

By Carlos Suarez De Jesus
Miami New Times
January 22, 2009

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