Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Rubber glove and the universe

“507.00 Parity
507.01 The rubber glove, with its red exterior and green interior, when stripped inside-outingly from the left hand as red, now fits the right hand as green. First the left hand was conceptual and the right hand was nonconceptual – then the process of stripping off inside-outingly created the right hand. And then vice versa as the next strip-off occurs. Strip it off the right hand and there it is left again.
507.02 That is the way our Universe is. There are the visibles and the invisibles of the inside-outing nonsimultaneity. What we call thinkable is always outside out. What we call space is just exactly as real, but it is inside out. There is no such thing as right and left.”

R. Buckminster Fuller (1982), Synergetics: explorations in the geometry of thinking, Macmillan, New York, p. 232, 233


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