Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Products with love

Today I am launching an internet shop, Solveighs Textilkabinett at DaWanda,the website for 'products with love'.

You find my Textilkabinett @

If you have seen any other work of mine that you like on my blogs or website, I am happy to list it and sell it via the Textilkabinett.

Enjoy your visit, and if you like it tell others about it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Butterfly and moth are of the same family. Airy and light, colourful or camouflaged, fragile or furry, fluttering in the sunshine in search of nectar, seeking the light in the darkness of the night, they are symbols of the spirit, of metamorphosis and the cycle of life. In myth, Psyche wears butterfly wings and moths are said to be the souls of the dead.

More moths & butterflies

Pink fluff, fur & feathers

While in Eastbourne the deafening noise of planes fills the summer air and the Royal Air Force hands out stickers to promote their trade to a new generation of heroes in the making, only a few miles down the coast their colleagues march amidst rainbow colours, pink furs and feathers to the sound of music in a different kind of celebration.

Images of Brighton Pride 2011