Saturday, November 19, 2011

The detective & the jumper - an update

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The Killing II has now arrived on our screens, and the jumper is yet again taking centre stage, as Ginny Dougray reveals on the Radio Times blog:

'I've only seen the first two episodes - and am gripped, once again - but cannot help remarking on The Sweater, which is not the beloved Faroese, black-on-white knit of old but a cheery, cherry-red. "There's this rule, you know, in the bones of every person doing what I do, that you should never give the audience what they want," says Grabol. "It's like an artistic law - you shouldn't repeat yourself, because then you're dead creatively. So there's a sense of 'They want the jumper? Well, they're not going to get the jumper!' "

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