Saturday, January 06, 2007

Kitchen Curtain (Germany, 1951 - ?)

"The centre of my childhood was the kitchen, a space dominated by my mother, separated from the outside world by the kitchen curtain bearing like traffic signs the symbols of her rule. This curtain has witnessed so many stories that it is not associated with any particular one, but evokes in me a general feeling of unease and discomfort."
Goett (2006), Thinking through the Fabric of Life: Textiles, Text, Texture


Blogger Arielle said...

The Christmas ribbons and papers drawer: my mother had one as well! I would look into it during the Summer and project my expectations of next Christmas! How magic it was! ...
I still keep the ribbons, but not the papers.
It is a pity that we don't recycle/keep as much as our mothers used to (although the recycling/throwing away is coming back).

As for the curtains: I remember the curtains of my bedroom: heavy velvety dark blue curtains, the last thing and the first thing I would see every day.. But what I really miss here are the shutters!

2:40 pm  

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