Monday, February 05, 2007

Baby mittens

“A pair of baby mittens knitted for me by my then eight year old brother. No longer in existence, sadly – they would have been 45 years old. The mittens were made for me prior to my birth and presented from behind his back with pride when I was born – he had learned to knit to do these gloves, as he was so excited. He was responsible for naming me and our relationship has always been a special one. The mittens were a very tight tension, which expressed the struggle he had on his own to produce them in secret. Also they were apparently presented in a grubby state which declares the same thing. The fact that they existed at all represents the love he had for me even before I existed. The mittens … no longer exist except as a memory, which makes me feel very sad as our relationship has also deteriorated slightly – this seems almost symbolic of that fact.”

Female, 45, UK


Blogger Arielle said...

It reminds me of the scarves I used to knit for loved ones. Always scarves ...
During the Autumn, Winter or Spring, I never go out without a scarf as a protection against the cold, but also against the outside world!
I have got lots of them in all colours, lengths, materials, softness and lightness.

12:34 pm  
Blogger Edith said...

Some of them [shawls, scarves] no doubt gifts from Solveigh!

12:16 am  

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