Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Black & White

"I remember making myself a black and white striped skirt which I was very fond of and which made such an impression on my then boyfriend that he ended up marrying me; but I don't think I have ever worn a striped garment before or after this one."

Source: Comment by Arielle on the textile files/barcode/3.4.2007

"I also have a hazy memory, consisting of rough wooden beams and the old black and white striped ticking of a mattress, banging my head and being told unsympathetically that it was because I hadn't done what I was told! I was born in 1943 and the war ended two years later. I also remember waiting in my grandmother's black and white kitchen for the Daddy I had never met to come home."

Source: BBC Radio 4 Memory Experience


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