Monday, April 09, 2007

Anger is Red

"I was very unhappy and struggling with life. I was crying and in despair about many things. A friend was sitting comforting me and I remember feeling embarrased. I was aware of how lovely an evening it was - it was summer - and could hear people laughing and chatting and I felt locked in a cold prison. I was shivering.I was sitting on seats with red cushions and remember thinking how much I hated the shade of red. Then she suddenly said to me - not unkindly but firmly - ‘how long are you going to remain a victim for’. I was shocked rigid. It felt like she had stuck a knife in me. Then I was furious with her, red hot angry and then suddenly realising that she was right. I was so angry that she was right. But it was a turning point in me getting my life back."

Source: BBC Memory Radio 4 Experience,


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