Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pair of stackable crochet hooks

"As I knit I hear the faint echo of another pair of needles clicking away in the back of my mind. As I link chain to chain in my crochet I see my grandmother sitting in her armchair by the fire, screwing up her eyes to catch the last of the daylight because 'the electric' was never bright enough for her to work by. As I cut out patterns I hear her scissors pulling across the table in the dining-room where she worked. By these memories and by my craftwork I am inextricably bound to my grandmother."

Sue Scott, Countless Hours: Grandmother's Crochet
in: Elinor, Gillian, Richardson, Su, Scott, Sue, Thomas, Angharad, Walker, Kate (eds) (1987), Women and Craft, Virago, London, p. 23


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