Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Remembering JFK 1

"Absolutely my very first memory is of watching John F. Kennedy's funeral on television. We had a sitter, an older woman who stayed with me and my younger brother while our mother was not home that day. The sitter was watching the funeral on TV and I remember sitting on our big beige sofa (it had sparkly silver threads in the fabric) and she explained that JFK was the president and he had been shot. His little boy John (who was about my same age at the time) had been given a U.S. flag by someone and he had asked for one for his daddy, without quite realizing that his dad was gone. I remember the sitter telling me that, but where or when she got the information is not clear to me now. In retrospect I don't remember pictures of the funeral, just that it was on and it was explained to me."

BBC Radio 4 Memory Experience 2006


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