Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Socks & ex-husbands 2

I too have a pair of grey socks left behind by my ex-husband.

When I had my first baby, a German friend of mine knitted three pairs of grey socks, one for me, one for my husband, one for the baby. I liked the socks, asked her for the pattern and started knitting socks myself - just a few pairs, one for my father-in-law as a Christmas present, another one for my husband.

The grey baby socks were worn by both my daughters and don't exist anymore. My socks wore thin after well over a decade of frequent use. My husband didn't seem that keen on his hand-knitted socks (or the elaborately patterned scarf I knitted for him, my labour of love) and left it all behind when we separated.

So now I am wearing the beautiful scarf and warm grey socks. Among my knitting wools there is a single blue sock I started knitting for him but never finished, realizing by then that as my efforts were not being appreciated, there was not much point in continuing.

I knitted myself a pair of black socks with gold sparkle instead. When the heels had worn thin and holes appeared, I made a stiletto sock out of one of them, exhibited it and sold it. I have still got a photo of it (see


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