Saturday, February 19, 2011

Knickers wanted

`Show Us Your Knickers!' Carnival Knicker Bunting ˆ a request
Want to take part in a unique feminist social art project? Then send me your knickers!
I am Julia Triston ˆ a textile artist and designer ˆ and the creator of the Bra-ra Dress. My artwork is about the investigation of identity, and the issues surrounding this; my work involves recycling underwear to make a statement, and raise questions, about our bodies, fashion and feminism.
At the Carnival of Feminist Cultural Activism I will be running a practical textile workshop on Thursday 3rd March 2011. I am asking women to send me a pair of their own knickers in order to create a string of carnival bunting which will become a unique piece of feminist, social artwork, permanently recording, in a very unusual way, the event.
The aim of the carnival bunting is to show that our underwear can tell a story of its own, whoever we are and whatever we portray externally. In this piece of artwork, we will be putting on show, proudly and honestly, what is usually unseen and taboo.
There are no rules about what to send, but please do not go out and buy new knickers as your contribution! I want the bunting to tell the story of REAL women, and the choices we make, and wear, every day ˆ let us celebrate our diversity! Whatever you wear (big pants, tiny thongs, comfortable drawers, cami-knickers, boy pants), and whatever their size and condition (large, small, enormous, stained, tiny, worn out and baggy, or nearly new) please send them to me with your reason for doing so.
You might have a tale to tell about your knickers - for example, did you wear them for a special occasion? You may have been given them as a present, or hardly worn them because they are too tight. Are they falling apart, but still really comfortable? Are you proud of them, or embarrassed by the thought of putting them on public display?
The more knickers we receive, the longer the carnival bunting - so please take part in this unusual way of celebrating the diversity of women's shapes and sizes and our choices and attitude towards underwear.
Although your names, and stories will be recorded as part of the project, you will not be identified alongside your knickers, or with your stories. Names, stories and knickers will all be separated upon receipt, and you may remain anonymous if you wish.
Knickers will not be returnable, and they will be slightly altered before they are stitched into the bunting. The final artwork will be displayed at the conference and then donated to the Centre for Women's Studies at the University of York.
Please be brave and send me your knickers to: Studio 2, Fowlers Yard, Back Silver Street, Durham DH1, 3RA, UK. Please label your package: Carnival of Feminist Cultural Activism. Donations must be received by Friday 25th February 2011
Many thanks,
Julia Triston, Textile Artist

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