Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Barcode stripes

"Striped patterns have been used since the beginning of civilisation. At the same time, a modern bar code contains information which human beings are prevented from reading; only machines can read it."

Kirsten Nissen, in Matthew Koumis (ed), Art Textiles of the World: Scandinavia Volume 2, Telos Art Publishing, Brighton 2005, p.67


Blogger Arielle said...


"David Evans and Nigel Quiney have been producing their needlepoint work for over 28 years, mostly during their extensive travels around the world. Whilst other exponents conveyed patterned work and uniformed exhibits, the Evans- Quiney ethic was to express a free, colourful and at times a complex subject matter carefully woven. A must see exhibition."

Nolias Gallery, 201 Liverpool Road, N1; 020 7700 1848

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Blogger Arielle said...

I liked the 'preferential origin Bulgaria'. Is this pattern especially Bulgarian (although made in Italy)?

I remember making myself a black and white striped skirt which I was very fond of and which made such an impression on my then boyfriend that he ended up marrying me; but I don't think I have ever worn a striped garment before or after this one.

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