Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Linen Connection

Some linen fabric I bought years ago at a street stall in Brighton (100% linen), a purple linen dress from a charity shop (55% linen, 45% rayon), a dark blue linen shirt left behind by a visitor from Germany (100% linen), a light blue Jigsaw summerdress from E-bay, a mistake, never worn (70% linen, 30% viscose), a pair of black summer trousers, worn thin between the legs (60% linen, 40% COTTON), a reel of thick linen thread as used for book binding: these have become the materials for "The Linen Connection" (see, 21 April 2007).


Blogger Arielle said...

There is a textile plant called 'ramie', very similar I believe (?), to linen. It was (and maybe still is) very much in use on the Okinawa Islands of Japan.

As part of my ongoing love for linen, I bought some years ago a long black linen dress. Difficult to iron and keep looking as if it has been ironed, I only wear it on special occasions.

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