Saturday, June 09, 2007

The smell of leather (and a hand-knitted shawl)

"We waited at the front door for her to arrive - I did not really understand what all the fuss was about, but then she arrived, dad had gone to fetch them, it was such a special event, why? not because my mum was coming home but because she arrived in the car of a neighbour, he was the only person in our street with a car - it was 1964, was I keen to see what was in the bundle mum was cradleing, no I was more interested in asking 'uncle' George if I could ride in his car when he took it off to park in his garage around the back of the houses. Joy he said yes! I remember the smell of the leather seats and the sensation of the movement, I felt tiny sat on what seemed a huge back seat. I always associate that smell with that time. p.s. I was interested in my sister after that, I particualarly recall the hand knitted shawl that she was wrapped in, you could not see her, my mother had to pull it back from her face to show her. I thought she was beautiful.

Source: BBC Radio 4 Memory Experience


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