Friday, July 04, 2008

Everyday is special

"A sheet. This a pure linen sheet. My grandmother brought sheets from Scotland when she first came to Australia in 1919. They were big queen size sheets that had been given to her mother for a wedding present in the 1880’s. This sheet had been cut in half and turned when the middle became worn then when that happened again it was cut into a single sheet and hemmed. Most people in the family had one at some time. They were hard and white and cold when you got into bed.

The sheets remind me of my childhood, getting into bed on a hot night and feeling the coolness of the sheet and in winter taking a hot water bottle to bed to try and get warm. It also reminds me of my grandmother who I loved very much.

I like to use things everyday and not keep them put away somewhere for special. For me every day is special. I use things until they wear out."

From my correspondence (28, 2008)


Anonymous Kaisu said...

Hi! This is so touching story! Thank you for sharing!

5:41 pm  
Blogger Tricks said...

Reading your blog was for me like looking back at little snippets of my own childhood.

I can remember little articles that you display here tucked away in the bottom of my mum's sewing box.

I remember the clean cold white sheets too. I didn't so much mind these as the heavy blankets that were always tucked in so firmly that your feet lost their circulation by morning.

thanks for a really good read Tricia

3:53 pm  

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