Friday, August 15, 2008

Found objects/ Halle, Germany

Found objects from the courtyard of the Frankeschen Stiftungen in Halle/Germany, where I visited the Kunst- und Naturalienkammer. Founded in 1698, this is the oldest still surviving Wunderkammer (cabinet of curiosities) in Europe. In the textile cabinet there are fabric samples, shoes, a mosquito cap from Astrachan, a Turkish turban brought back from a battle in Belgrade, sewing thread made from twisted Siberian asbestos and animal sinews, dolls in regional dress with goitre which was very common in some areas because of a lack of iodine.I also saw a wig made from spun glass - good because it was fireproof so it would not catch fire when the wearer was writing by candlelight, but uncomfortable because tiny bits of glass would break off causing severe itching and rash.


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