Monday, June 15, 2009


"in regards to sleeping-kit, remember that overcoats will supplement blankets, as will other day clothing as well; make use of these things when necessary, and thus save the carrying of blankets beyond what are really essential. Among the necessities will be a good ground sheet for each camper; this is a cotton fabric sheet, about seven feet by four, rubbered on one side to make it waterproof; any good firm of sports outfitters will supply such an article, and it serves a variety of uses beside that of keeping the damp from rising when one is sleeping. It makes a good waterproof in wet weather, draped around the shoulders; a good holdall for sleeping kit when things are tidied up for the day, and may even be utilised as a washing bowl."

The Wonder Book of Things To Do, Fifth Edition, Ward, Lock & Co., Limited, London and Melbourne, n.d., p.17


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