Thursday, October 08, 2009

A boom in the recession?

"Knitting has cast off its traditional image thanks to a series of famous backers.
New figures show a boom in popularity for the pastime that was once associated with elderly ladies but is now the hobby of Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bullock.
Arts and crafts chain HobbyCraft said celebrity endorsement helped push wool sales up 28 per cent in the past year. Chief executive Chris Crombie said people of all ages were adopting a make-your-own attitude during the recession.
John Lewis is also selling six per cent more needles and designer wools than last year.
Gail Downey [...] said the boom meant people were joining knitting circles and swapping wool, patterns and ideas.
One of these grous is run by her design house Weardowney at a Starbucks in Oxford Street. It also hosts classes in her shop in [...] Marylebone, near Tony Blair's house. "Knitting has definitely become more glamorous," she said.
Kimberly Stewart, daughter of rock star Rod, [...] joins Miss Downey and her partner Amy Wear at their shop's classes. She said: "I like to knit so I have knitting parties."

Ellen Widdup & Sri Carmichael, Girls who purl: wool sales soar after celebrities make knitting fashionable, Evening Standard, London, 6.10.2009, p.23


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