Sunday, February 11, 2007

Baby Basket fabric (Germany 1953)

This is the fabric of my baby basket. My mother wrote to my father in a letter about it the month before I was born. This letter, dated 14.1.1953 tells us that she was looking for a fabric to match their bedroom and was thinking of salmon pink, possibly with little blue flowers. She bought the baby basket with stand for DM35 from Schulze in Obernstrasse in Bielefeld, a mattress for DM8 and hade a square pillow size cover made from blue damast and filled with 375 g of feather down for DM34 at Kirchhoff's. 6.5 Metres of fabric were needed to dress the basket, at an estimated cost between DM15 - 16, including some 'Molton' fabric for the lining, plus DM20 for labour costs.

At the time, my father's monthly salary was approx. DM200. My mother used her savings.


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