Thursday, February 15, 2007

Subversive doilies? Or "intricate exercises in a pointless decorative art"?

I dyed some doilies in black, pink and turquoise. Do the colours change the perception of the doily?

The colours remind me of Simon Periton's work that I came across in an old magazine cutting from 2000.

"The humble doily, beloved of the Victorians, is transformed in the subversive. sartirical art of Simon Periton... In Periton's hand, these intricate exercises in a pointless decorative art explode into original and subversive pieces, replete with art historical references and motifs of contemporary culture... In his doilies, he turns the repeated motifs of the contemporary political gesture, such as the anarchist's encircled 'A' into bulbous, unexpectedly decorative entities. The doily, he says, 'contextualises the trivial and the banal. That's what fascinates me.'"

Robin Muir, The Independent Magazine, September 2000


Blogger Arielle said...

Doilies are completely out of my experience: never had them at home, never saw them anywhere in my childhood.I only learned the English name for them once in England and wouldn't even know how to call them in French. Strange to think that for some people they mean so much ...

4:32 pm  

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