Monday, April 30, 2007


"In the kitchen of the home where I grew up there was a drawer for nothing but aprons. My mother and my grandmother would not be caught in the kitchen without one. The first thing I see when that room rises up in memory is a woman standing by the stove ... a woman in an apron."

A. Skeen, autor and professor

"In America, in a tenement flat, my grandmother wore one apron and over it another, to keep the first one clean for when company came."

E. Shakir, Lebanese autor and professor

Source: Joyce Cheney, Aprons: Icons of the American Home, Philadelphia/London 2000, inside cover


Blogger Arielle said...

This apron reminds me of the two little dresses I received from my two friends, Mounir and Hassan, when I was 4 years old and living in Beyouth.
I still have them, folded in a suitcase in the attic.
My daughter wore them when she was
4 ... She had to, even though it was Winter and they were Summer dresses!

9:29 am  

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