Monday, June 25, 2007

Good Clothes

"We find our clothes, our clothes find us: they save us from being lost. At home in dress, we enjoy its touch, its crispness, smoothness, softness, texture, its feel on the skin it fits: these pleasures serving the larger pleasure of being at last, or hoping we are, our more glamorous and more potent self. In dressing we enter an inheritance which may include a 'true' self, revealed or rather realized by the donning of these good clothes."

John Harvey, Men in Black, Reaktion Books, London 1995, p.14


Blogger Arielle said...

It does make a big difference to wear a piece of clothing one feels truly in harmony with. It enhances one's self-esteem, one's relationship with others, one's appreciation of life even.
That's why I'm getting more and more ruthless about getting rid of clothes which are not 'me'. Less but better!

10:07 am  

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