Thursday, October 08, 2009

"Bras get you good press"

"It is no surprise that the invention by a distinguished female scientist of a bra that converts into a gas mask has proved an enduringly popular story on the BBC's website.

When I worked for another newspaper, its online success turned out to be reliant on a report by a fashion writer about having a bra fitting.

So how wise of the designers at the Paris fashion show to have kicked off with some adaptable bras, thus getting the kind of coverage usually reserved for Chanel.

If I were trying to drum up interest, say, in the slightly-hard-going Tory fringe meeting yesterday on decentralisation and social action, (Caroline Spelman and Sayeeda Warsi) I know what I would do."

Sarah Sands, Bras get you good press, Evening Standard, London, 6.10.2009


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