Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cable stitch

“I’m a sucker for cables. Almost every piece I’ve knit over the past several years is filled with them. I love the way they wrap among themselves, twisting and roping through the weave of the yarn.I suppose there is a narrative of sorts in this – two sections of stitches that cannot stop playing with each other, that must rough and tumble, twist and gyrate under the needles, caught in the act of love or war as the rows progress.”

Jennifer Vasil, New Orleans, USA, web designer and long time knitter/crocheter


Blogger Arielle said...

This pattern reminds me of countless skiing afternoons, the cold wind, the snow, big jumpers, woollen hats and scarves, most of them decorated with cables.
It also reminds me of the double DNA helix, forever spiralling its secrets ...

4:43 pm  

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